Photo Lucida's Critical Mass 2017 Finalist

Happy to have made to Photo Lucida's Critical Mass 2017 200 list.

Some of the juror's comments about my "Aqueous" series:

- Your inspired experimentation and abundant originality are well met by the beautiful colors and designs of your images.

- Beautiful. Window within windows provide a visual delight and the transparencies make the water feel more present.

- Love the tactile experimentation of this series! Good to see the few installation shots on your website - this work very interactive, would be great to see it in a large-scale environmental exhibit.

- I love this series, there is something really disorienting and modern about them.

- The image 'Relativity' is very good. The image appears to peel back layers of the environment making various state of its nature visible to us in one moment, moving the viewer from calm to anger and back. It is unique in this particular selection of prints with a visual communication that is engaging, graphic and artistic at the same moment.

- Some interesting and effective ways of capturing and presenting water.

- Excellent execution, bravo! Intriguing and compelling. Love the work!

- The thing I find most compelling about your work is the use of layering techniques via transparencies. It is not something I have seen done often and I enjoy having to stop and really try to figure out what is happening in these images. Seeing the work installed really added another dimension of interest for me. I really love the corner installation of the wavy transparency print.

- Strong images, I like what's going on with the layering and transparencies.